Tony Vinh


A Few Bad Men: The Hearing Of Bugs Kavanaugh

I’ve dealt with enough liars, con men and hustlers in my life to know that when a person lashes out like that, it’s because they’re guilty of something and are trying to intimidate the other person into backing down. Remember when Jack Nicholson freaks out on the stand in A Few Good Men? Same shit but in real life.

OR maybe...just maybe...he really doesn’t know. Sometimes people get lost in their own bubble and start to believe their own bullshit. Especially when you’re a judge and get to play God daily. There’s no way YOU can be wrong. YOU are righteous. Which is why he believes he’s the victim here.

Eh, fuck that. He knows exactly what he’s doing. It’s the next classic liar/con man/hustler go-to move: Turn it around to show how you’re really the one who got hurt. Earn empathy. Collect money. Skip town. Just watch any Bugs Bunny cartoon where he fools Elmer Fudd into not shooting him. Bugs Kavanaugh had his big, teary bunny eyes out today. Only thing missing was a tiny violin and a carrot.

I think he absolutely knows he’s in the wrong, especially with all the deflection and theatrics. But entitlement brings out the devil from his darkness. And he wants his prize. Even if he has to lie under oath to get it— it doesn’t matter. We live in a time of lies. Where you can get away with it no matter what, as long as you say it’s YOUR truth. As George Costanza said, “It’s not a lie if you believe it.” And in this America, that’s all you need to get by.

But, your “Honor,” we want the actual truth. And yes, we can handle it.

If I’m ever president one day, I promise you I will nominate Judge Dredd or Judge Reinhold.

Wow. I watch a lot of TV.