Tony Vinh


Thoughts On Thoughts & Prayers. And Pizza.


You know what? It’s fine to say “Thoughts and Prayers” if you want to. Go ahead...say it, write it, post it, tattoo it on your face if you feel like it. Because sometimes, you just don’t know how else to mourn.

Maybe you’re just so shocked and filled with emotions that you can’t come up with your own words. That’s fine. That’s what these words are here for.

Who cares if people make snarky comments about how it doesn’t actively do anything or that it rings hollow. Sometimes simple symbolic gestures matter, like bringing flowers for a date...or to a funeral. And if they say you’re making it about you, well guess what? Now they’re making it about THEM! About how THEY don’t like how you made THEM suffer through such an awful thing. How could you? How dare you? Why are you such a terrible person?

Fuck. Them.

Don’t be shamed into not saying anything at all. If you want to say it, just say it. At least it expresses sympathy. At least it demonstrates compassion. At least it shows heart. At least it says you’re human.

In a time when tragedy is so commonplace, I’d rather see “thoughts and prayers” than nothing at all. Complete silence and disregard would be tragic in itself.

On another note, today is free pizza day at Planet Fitness and I’ve never seen the gym this fucking crowded.