Tony Vinh


Some Break-up Advice. In Bed.


Despite my Asian youthfulness, I'm old. And in my many years I've had to remove myself from situations that just didn't feel right to me. Or sometimes, I was unfortunately the one who was removed. Neither was easy, but I've learned a few things from all of it. This was some advice I've given to three people this week going through some sort of breakup. Each was told separately on their own to whomever I was talking with, but I think they actually work well together. I don't know- maybe these are stupid. Maybe these will help you in a moment you're having right now. Maybe I should've been a fortune cookie writer. 

1. Go with your gut, not your guilt. 

2. Just because you shared a past with someone doesn't mean you have to share a future. 

3. Don't agonize over hindsight. Another gal ALWAYS comes along. And she's always better than the last.

4. LUCKY NUMBERS: 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42